Bus lanes

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You should use bus lanes when they're available. Typically you can use the bus lanes outside peak hours. One of the advantages is that faster traffic can pass you on your offside (your right). It also keeps you further away from oncoming traffic.

You could fail your driving test if you choose to not use a bus lane when you could have. This could happen if you are asked to turn left and are not positioned to the left on approach to the turn (that is, if you cut across a bus lane you could otherwise have positioned in).

Also, if you choose not to use a bus lane and traffic begins to pass you on your nearside (your left) this could be marked as serious, as you should have allowed other traffic to pass you on your offside (your right).

Basically, drive on the left - unless you are overtaking or turning right.

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Posted by Neil - 3 years ago

Lewisham speed limits and red routes

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The speed limit across the London Borough of Lewisham is now 20mph. However, if you are travelling on a 'red route' the speed limit will probably be 30 mph or more.

Red routes are controlled by Transport for London, and are therefore not subject to Lewisham council restrictions.

Roads in the area which are 'red routes' include

  • Lee High Road, Eltham Road, Sidcup Road (A20)
  • South Circular Road (A205)
  • Lewisham High Street, and Bromley Road (A21)
  • Kidbrooke Park Road
  • There are some red routes which have 20mph limits. For example, New Cross Road. If you are taking a driving test at Hither Green test centre you will not go as far as New Cross.

Chislehurst Driving School Blog
Posted by Neil - 3 years ago