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So, it's the day of your driving test. What should you expect? What do you need to bring? How long will it all take?

Driving tests can begin at peculiar times. For example, 10.44 or 12.38. This is to maximise the amount of time examiners have to process their paperwork and conduct the examination. Most learners use their instructor's car for the test and if this is the case I will pick up one hour before the start time.

You need to bring your provisional licence. You are also requested by the DVSA to bring along your theory test pass certificate.

The hour before the test is used to warm up and rehearse any driving test exercises you may asked to do. We generally also go over the show and tell questions.

You are asked not to arrive at the test centre more than 5/10 minutes before the start time. Once the car is parked we'll walk to the test centre waiting room where there is a toilet and some seats.

The examiner will enter the waiting room at the start time and call out the name they have on their marking report. If this is you they'll then ask to see your licence and you will sign a declaration that your car is insured and that you are a UK resident. They will ask if you would like your instructor/companion to sit in the back as an observer, and to attend the debrief at the end of the test.

After that, the examiner will walk with you to the car park, check your eyesight and then you'll be asked a car safety question.

Once you're in the car and comfortable the examiner will chat to you about what to expect. You may be asked to bay park at the beginning of the test.

And then you'll go for a drive. After 35-40 minutes you'll return to the test centre. The examiner will offer you some feedback and present you with a certificate if you have passed. Then your instructor will drive you home, say goodbye, and wipe tears of happiness from their eyes. The whole process takes between two and two and a half hours.

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Posted by Neil - 2 years ago