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Driving test waiting lists are still quite long. The DVSA release a 'batch' of driving tests each week. In the local area this week they released tests for mid September. Many ADIs, myself included, are giving up their spare time to organise driving tests for their customers. The DVSA allow us to swap tests between people, so that appointments are at a suitable time and place. This requires us to spend time (sometimes hours) waiting on hold to the DVSA support line.

At a recent association meeting we were assured by a DVSA representative that they are recruiting examiners and that the waiting list will return to normal later this year. If you're thinking of starting driving lessons soon, start studying for your theory test right away. Only after completing the theory test can you book the practical test. All my customers receive free membership of theory test pro which is a great tool for studying for the exam.

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Posted by Neil - 1 month ago