learning to drive when you're older

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Learning to drive when you're older can be life changing. If you are starting a family, a new job, or just want to drive to the beach at weekends, you can do it.

Working as a driving instructor in South East London you get to teach people of all ages. Many Londoners put off learning to drive when they're 17 because the public transport is so good. However, as you get older circumstances can change..

You can book lessons around work patterns. Drivng after work can be tiring, but many customers have told me that they found learning to drive an enjoyable distraction from the day's events. Early weekend lessons also work well for many. If you've had a particularly tiring day at work, and are doing lessons afterwards, it's ok to concentrate on the less demanding aspects of driving if necessary. There's always something useful to learn.

So if you're thinking of learning, and you're a bit older, don't put it off. This time next year you could be driving yourself to the beach.

Posted by Neil - 4 months ago