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Chislehurst Commons has a bunch of junctions that seem to cause road users a world of pain.

At the staggered junction between Ashfield Lane and Heathfield Lane it's important to get your positioning correct so that you can see clearly in all directions. If you arrive at the junction at a less than 90 degree angle the pillars of the car can hinder visibility and cause you to have to stretch your neck in all sorts of uncomfortable positions. This can get harder as you get older.

As a pedestrian it annoys me that so many junctions in the area facilitate fast turns. For example, the left turn from Chislehurst High Street into Ashfield Lane is very shallow, and drivers don't really need to slow down in order to take it. Remember, recent changes to the highway code dictate that pedestrians have priority when waiting to cross at the mouth of a junction and drivers should be prepared to give way if safe to do so.

The mini roundabout in the middle of the commons also seems to cause problems, despite being so open. I wonder if some of the collisions here are caused by drivers not looking around the screen pillar blind spots, or looking left instead of right to give way. I hear there are plans to install a tabletop traffic calming measure here. Maybe it would be better to close the road and restore the commons as a continuous green space?

Posted by Neil - 4 months ago