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Experienced driving instructor in Chislehurst and Elmstead Woods

I provide driving tuition in Chislehurst and all over the London Borough of Bromley. I can pick up from local Schools including Farringtons, Chislehurst and Sidcup School, Eltham College Coopers School and Bullers Wood.

I can also pick up from local train stations, including Mottingham, Elmstead Woods, Chislehurst, New Eltham and Eltham.

Parents can keep track of payments by logging in, and are welcome to sit in on driving lessons. Homework is sent to pupils by email after each lesson. Online theory test training is provided free.

The nearest driving test centre is Sidcup, and you can see some of the potential test routes here. There is also a new driving test centre on Burnt Ash Lane in Grove Park.

My aim is provide challenging but enjoyable lessons and to equip new drivers with the essential skills they need to stay safe in a wide variety of road and traffic conditions. You'll never be asked to run before you can walk

Daytime lessons are discounted so if you're working flexible hours, or are at home during the day then you can save money.

How long does it take to learn?

How many lessons someone needs depends on how quickly they learn. Most people take between thirty and seventy hours of practice to learn properly and reach a consistent safe standard.

Driving lessons in Chislehurst
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