How do I start learning to drive?

First you need to obtain a provisional driving licence.. Once you have this you can book a driving lesson with an approved driving instructor (ADI).

How long will it take me to learn to drive?

If you are starting with no prior knowledge of how to drive a car it could take anywhere between 30 and 60 hours of tuition and practice, sometimes a little bit more. It depends on your ability, your attitude and your willingness to learn.

The good news is learning to drive can be enjoyable. Hopefully you'll look forward to your lessons (and even miss having them when you pass!).

What are your pass rates?

About 65% of my customers pass their test at the first attempt. About 25% pass at the second attempt.

How much are your lessons?

Driving lessons are one hour and forty minutes in duration, and cost £58. You can save money by paying in advance. The hourly rate (if you prefer to think of it like that) is just under £35. More info here.

What is your availability like?

I work the following hours

What if I can't make a lesson?

If you book a lesson you would need to provide 24 hours notice to change or cancel. I do need to charge the lesson fee for late cancellations as it is hard to fill a space at short notice.

Is there a long waiting list for driving tests?

The current waiting list for tests in South East London is around 5 months. However, the DVSA have started to release additional test appointments in October 2023 in order to help clear the backlog, so we should see waiting times reduce soon.

When can I take my test?

Once you have obtained a provisional licence, and passed a driving theory test then you can take a driving test. The DVSA do not require you by law to take any practice before undertaking a test.

However, taking a driving test without adequate training is potentially dangerous and irresponsible.

Can I use my instructor's car for my driving test?

Most people hire their driving instructor's car for the driving test. It makes sense to use a car you are used to driving. Professional instructors will insist that your driving is at a consistently safe standard before agreeing to hire their car to you.

Can I use my own car for my driving test?

Yes. You can read the dvsa notes here: Gov.uk: Driving Test:cars

The DVSA do not supply a car for your test. The driving examiner will expect you to arrive with a vehicle to use (either your own or your instructor's)

Do I need to pass a theory test before I book my practical test?

Yes. You must first pass a theory test prior to booking a practical test. You can train for your theory test independently but most instructors fit in some theory training during lessons. I provide all the learning materials you need for your theory and practical tests.

Can I take further training after I pass my test.

Yes. You can take the Pass Plus course, which is a minimum of 6 hours further training without a test at the end. Modules include City Driving, Night Driving, Rural Roads, Dual Carriageway and Motorways, and All Weather Driving.

Once you have a bit of experience you can consider undertaking the IAM test, which I would highly recommend.

RoSPA also have excellent advanced driving courses.